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Bangmang Human Resources Co., Ltd. adhere to focus on human resource services, it has been set up successively for four hundred enterprises to provide quality human resource services, and the industry won a good reputation.The company has received Corporate Integrity, Top 10 Intermediaries, Key Unit of Service Outsourcing such ascredit and recognition.

The company offered a broad array of services in the areas of talent dispatch, service outsourcing, occupationaL training, headhunting services, enterprise management consulting, education consulting and so on. The company currently serves nearly hundreds of enterprises. Human resources services covering the recruitment, interviewing, assessment, training, examination, file finishing, wages, social security,contracts, resignation and other tracking service.

The company's own Bangmang and Qiancheng two websites. They not only offer the most complete,the most up-to-date,the most accurate enterprises recruitment information to the job seekers, but also provide enterprises with recruitment, executive search, training, evaluation, and humanresources outsourcing all-round services human resources services. It provides enterprises and job seekers to build the best talent recruitment and personnel training channels.

Every point of our success has always been inseparable for your concern and support, we look forward to cooperating with you!